We are here to Support you in your Optimal Holistic Health & Wellness!

We provide integrative and therapeutic bodywork, education and coaching to assist people with their journey to optimal health and wellness in ALL areas of life.  We also specialize in supporting individuals with Cancer, trauma, pain, injuries or other medically-complex healing opportunities.  Our holistic and integrative wellness approach to health integrates Mind, Body, and Spirit.  

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Steve’s Therapeutic Bodywork

Steve Romey provides healing and therapeutic bodywork integrating many years of advanced training and skills and incorporating energy work and intuition. Bodywork modalities include: Myofascial Release, Integrative CranioSacral Therapy,  Oncology Massage, Lymphatic Massage, Sports Massage, Soft-tissue and Deep Tissue Massage, supporting individuals with Injuries, Trauma and Pain-relief, Cancer, TMJ, concussions, migraines and more.

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Wendy’s Bodywork & Coaching

Wendy Kunkel is a Transformational Life Coach, Energy Medicine Bodyworker, and Spiritual Counselor. Her specialities include Donna Eden Energy Medicine, Aura Balancing, holistic health and nutrition, ETF tapping for emotional freedom, relationships, creativity, joy, and life in general. 🙂 Bodywork sessions are available one-on-one in Thousand Oaks or coaching worldwide via Zoom, Skype or FaceTime.

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“intenSati” Body Mind Spirit Exercise

New fun and inspiring exercise called “inten~Sati” will support your body mind and spirit fitness. You will clarify and enliven your heartfelt intentions as you speak affirmations during exercise. Move your body with elements from dance, martial arts and yoga.  You will leave feeling more joy and empowered in your body and life. Wednesdays 10:30am in Oak Park. Click for more information

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Celebrate Prana is about loving, caring for, and celebrating our bodies and lives as we embrace the authentic life-force and Spirit within us. Prana is an ancient Sanskrit word meaning the life force, Spirit and vital energy in our bodies that fills and inspires us.