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New fun and inspiring exercise called “inten~Sati” will support your body mind and spirit fitness. You will clarify and enliven your heartfelt intentions as you speak affirmations during exercise. Move your body with elements from dance, martial arts and yoga.  You will leave feeling more joy and empowered in your body and life.  All levels welcome – low to high intenSati options.
Taught by Wendy Kunkel, a licensed holistic health and life coach, fitness trainer, and bodyworker. She enjoys supporting people in experiencing optimal wellness in all areas – body, mind & spirit.  

Oak Park Community Center

Oak Park Community Center: 1000 Kanan Rd, Oak Park, CA 91377

** February Special ** Weds February 5th- only $10!!  

$15 per class starting 2/12 or $60 for February 12 – MARCH 18 (6 classes): 2/12, 2/19, 2/26, 3/4, 3/11, 3/18.
Register in person or at www.rsrpd.org
Bring a friend for extra fun!
All ages & fitness levels welcome.

Register at the door or at: www.rsrpd.org    

Bring a friend for extra fun!
All ages & fitness levels welcome.

For a video on the intenSati founder, view: https://youtu.be/WjfW5Ih0EOc
For more info: Contact Wendy, 818-964-1112, wendy@celebrateprana.com

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steve wendy 9-16 croppedSteve Romey & Wendy Kunkel enjoy supporting people in experiencing optimal wellness. Steve is a Certified Massage Therapist specializing in Oncology Massage, working with individuals on a cancer-healing journey for over 10 years. Wendy is a Certified Holistic Health Coach and Spiritual Counselor.

Contact Us for more info at (818) 964-1164 or email workshops@celebrateprana.com.

“Health from the Inside-Out” Workshops

Holistic Body, Mind & Spirit Support

Stay tuned for more FREE Educational Workshops. Contact Us at (818) 964-1164 or workshops@celebrateprana.com.

Workshops Available:

Energy Medicine Exercises for Joy & HealthHealth from Inside Out
Learn an uplifting 10 minute daily routine of energy medicine exercises that can be done sitting or standing. These gentle exercises can help you increase joy and energy, be more present and alert, boost your immune system, and help your body and Spirit experience radiant health and vitality.  Based on exercises from energy medicine pioneer Donna Eden and Polarity Therapy – using ancient principles to clear and balance our body’s energy system, meridians and chakras.

More Health/Less Stress with EFT Tapping
In this uplifting and interactive workshop, you’ll learn how to support optimal health with Mind Body and Spirit wellness. Reduce illness and dis-ease and increase your ability to experience optimal wellness including health, happiness, loving and vitality. Learn valuable tools including EFT tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique) to shift from fear, stress and struggle to acceptance, loving and healing. Start nurturing and loving yourself to great health from the inside-out!

Oncology Massage with Lymphedema Care & Risk Reduction
Learn about Oncology Massage Therapy: what it is and how it can support you; how massage can be safe and helpful during and after cancer treatment; how to support your lymph system, and valuable information to reduce lymphedema risk.  Oncology Massage Therapy is a holistic approach to wellness that honors all treatment choices with cancer, and provides powerful and effective support in your healing process. The use of Oncology Massage Therapy may: enhance your quality of life, assist with symptoms, reduce fear, stress, and anxiety, strengthen your immune system, provide support, hope and feelings of harmony. Discover how Oncology Massage can assist you not only with physical symptoms, but also your mind, spirit and healing journey.

Eating for Radiant Health & Vitalityfood-heart
Shift your food beliefs from diets and ‘shoulds’ to nurturing and loving your body healthy. And we’ll consider not only what’s on your plate, but also areas of your life that either nourish you or deplete you. Create a new perspective on how what we eat affects our health and vitality, and identify simple choices you can make to best nourish your body and health.

Creating Your Vision of Optimal Wellness
In honor of the New Year – join us for the 4th inspiring “Health from the Inside-Out ” class. Create and energize your own unique vision of optimal wellness. We often spend more time focusing on what we’re afraid of than what we really want. Make your optimal wellness a priority in the New Year – more health, joy, love, fulfillment – whatever will inspire you. We’ll also address how to clear blocks that can be in the way of experiencing your vision.